WILpower Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wilpower?

WILpower is Leading Women in Technology’s signature professional development program, designed to provide women with knowledge, insights and skills about leadership in the business and technology worlds to propel them to the next level in their careers. While engaging in a year-long series of interactive workshops, with networking opportunities and other events, WILpower participants map their own paths to career success and gain new insights and inspiration to develop their leadership potential. While founded as a vehicle for women with skills that benefit technology-oriented businesses, our goal is to enable emerging and current women leaders in all businesses. Participants’ fields range widely and include product development, marketing, accounting and law, among others.

LWT is looking for motivated, curious, and high-achieving women with at least 5 years of experience (no cap!), to join the 2017 WILpower program. In addition to the nine core interactive workshops, participants will have the opportunity to participate in WILpower Rings discussion and networking groups, attend a holiday graduation and networking celebration, and have opportunities to participate in other free or low-cost events.

Is WILpower for you?

WILpower is an effective program for women professionals who have five of more years of experience and want to accelerate their marketing, leadership, strategic thinking and communication skills, while expanding the reach of their network. Listen to participants and Board members women talk more about their experience with the WILpower program in this video.

What is the WILpower commitment?

Each session lasts for two hours, and you should plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early so that you have a chance to get to know your fellow WILpower women better. In addition, we send “pre-work” out about a week prior to each session. This may be questions, an article, a video or the like selected by the speaker for you to review to get you thinking about the topic of the upcoming presentation, so that you will be able to contribute more effectively to discussions during the sessions and get the most out of them. You should also plan on spending some time between sessions focusing on implementing the ideas that resonate with you.

In addition, you can choose to participate in the WILpower Rings program, which we strongly encourage. Rings bring WILpower women together to discuss the lessons learned from the sessions, expand the reach of their networks, and put the learning in to practice. Overall, it’s up to you – but the more you put into the program, the more you will get out of it!

Can I attend some but not all workshops?

Because the workshops build on each other, to get the most out of the WILpower program we encourage participants to attend each workshop, but we understand that scheduling demands may cause you to miss one or two sessions.

Can I register late if I missed the January application deadline?

You will get the most value out of the WILpower program if you are able to participate in the first few sessions. We do allow late registrations in limited circumstances and subject to case-by-case review.

How can I get my employer to sponsor me for the WILpower program?

We find that employers are very receptive to requests to sponsor their high-achieving women into professional development programs like WILpower. Many want to develop their women professionals, but do not have a systematic program like WILpower that supports their talent program.

We have developed an email template that you can use and adjust as necessary to request that your employer fund or sponsor you for all or part of the WILpower registration fees. You can find that template here.

LWT is a volunteer-run non-profit, which enables us to offer this program – and participation in the communities that we want to support and enable – at a rate that is far lower than what you’ll find elsewhere. Take a look at just some of our volunteers who make this all possible: LWT Volunteers

How are members selected? What are my chances to get in the WILpower program?

We review applications to determine whether the applicant generally fits the target group that this program is designed for, and who we believe will both benefit from and contribute to the program. Applications are considered on a rolling basis. Your chances of acceptance are greatest if you register early for the WILpower program.

Can I pay the Wilpower program registration fee by check?

Please send your check with your information at the following LWT postal mail address is:

Leading Women In Technology
P.O. Box 583
Mountain View, CA 94042

What is your policy on refunds?

Fees for the WILpower program and other LWT events are non-refundable. If you believe you have an exceptional situation that merits special consideration of a refund request, please contact us with an explanation of the circumstances.

If you still have a question, Contact Us.