Carolyne Simi

Founder and CEO, Create Your Encore

Carolyne Simi is a Career Transformation Specialist who coaches and guides those who are no longer happy with their career and are unsure of their next step. She helps them transform their career and then move into that change.

Satisfied clients rave about the powerful impact Carolyne has with her ability to help them gain clarity about the career they really want and to discover the essential building blocks for creating that lifestyle. They learn how to honor their passions, values, skills, talents and gifts and harness that power to design and create a career that brings them fulfillment, meaning and joy.

Create Your Encore is quickly becoming the most actionable career transformation program for adult professionals. At the core of Carolyne’s programs are the combination of education, wisdom and leadership, directed at helping clients convert their ideas into a plan, stay on track and make it happen.

Carolyne is a multi-talent, bringing her Certified Coaching skills and 40 years of Project Management expertise in the corporate arena to this work. Having tried a number of different business ideas to find her own calling, she is the living example that you really can deliberately create the life you love.