Mona Sabet

Mona Sabet, Tribal Leader, Energy Amplifier, Chaos Terminator

Mona is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur, with decades of experience in corporate negotiations and management, combined with a strong science, legal and business education, all against the personal backdrop of being a westernized middle-eastern women. After a long and successful career in law, she moved into significant executive business roles with Coverity and then Cadence Design Systems. And after helping Cadence articulate and implement the company’s mission through a targeted acquisition and partnership strategy, she changed up her life again and co-founded VIBLIO, a new software company that helps make your personal videos the glue to building your personal communities.

Mona loves working as part of a small, dynamic team to drive business and personal growth. In her career, she has driven corporate growth through new product marketing initiatives, acquisitions, patent strategy, and talent management. Mona has also spent over 15 years focused on developing the personal growth of professional women in the community, through organizations like Leading Women in Technology, Hipower and ChIPs. She keeps teams aligned with each other, with overall strategy and with regulatory and contractual restraints. In all of this, Mona seeks to build close communities of people with which to share ideas and collaborate. Her currently venture, VIBLIO is another platform that allows her to do that.

Prior to co-founding VIBLIO, Mona served as Corporate Vice President, Business Development at Cadence Design Systems, a public global software company. At Cadence, Mona led all mergers and acquisitions, strategic technology transactions and venture investments, delivering tens of millions of dollars in incremental revenue to Cadence through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Mona helped articulate and implement the company’s mission through a targeted acquisition and partnership strategy, enabling Cadence to expand into adjacent growing markets.

Mona joined Cadence from Coverity, where she served as Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, with oversight and management responsibility for worldwide legal and regulatory matters. She expanded her responsibilities at Coverity by initiating new growth programs and managing the company’s open source strategy and strategic planning process.

Prior to Coverity, Mona was a Vice President at Cadence, managing Cadence’s intellectual property strategy and portfolio during a time of rapid company growth through acquisitions. In this period at Cadence, Mona created a corporate-wide IP awareness program, completed a number of key strategic IP transactions, and implemented new technology platforms for managing Cadence’s patent portfolio.

From 1992 - 2000, Mona built her legal career practicing law in private firms where she specialized in helping technology-based companies negotiate international license agreements and raise capital.

Mona holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and a law degree from the University of Western Ontario. She also holds a certificate in Computer Information Systems from UC Berkeley Extension and completed the Director’s College Certificate at Stanford Law School.