Sasha Cox

Principal Trainer, SpeechSkills

Sasha brings over a decade of experience in team-building, leadership coaching, and facilitation to her role as a SpeechSkills trainer, delivering the firm’s signature workshops to Bay Area clients in industries from education to high tech. Before coming to SpeechSkills, Sasha designed and facilitated team-building events for corporate clients throughout the USA.
Known for her positive, high-energy style, Sasha performed regularly with the Simps (Stanford Improvisors) and in musical theater productions while completing her BA in Psychology and MA in Education at Stanford University.
Outside of Speechskills, Sasha is the founder and CEO of Trail Mavens, creating outdoor adventures for women. Trail Mavens empowers women to be the fire-starters, the tent-pitchers, and the map-readers, creating opportunities for adventure, leadership, and starry-night campfire conversation in the great outdoors.