Plan to be Amazing!™ – Building Your Leadership Brand

Experience a seismic shift in the way you think about yourself and your ability to lead during this energizing, insightful, and interactive Plan to be Amazing! TM call-to-action session for women leaders.

Walk away with a Strategic Brand Mindset TM rooted in enhanced intentionality, leadership clarity, and personal accountability, which will enable you to:


Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Carol Isozaki, Principal & Strategic Brand Advisor, Strategic Brand Intelligence

Leveraging her 21 years of client service, human capital, and personal brand expertise, Carol trains and coaches individuals, teams and companies how to adopt a strategic brand mindset focused on delivering higher, more innovative value; constant leadership evolution; and creating a distinctive customer experience to build and sustain a “must-have” brand in these dynamic times. Learn more about Carol.

Here is some of the incredible feedback we’ve received from participants of this workshop:

“Great meeting you at LWT event this morning, Carol! You are a GREAT speaker, and I was truly inspired by your message. I would like to connect on LI; looking forward to learning more from you.”

“Thank you very much for the engaging presentation you gave this morning and for your time. I’ve heard the phrase ‘Timing is Everything’ and that can certainly be applied today. It was just recently, after months of mentoring, I finally started making some mental connections and proactively thinking instead of being reactive. With this new thought process, some of the concepts you presented today truly resonated with what I have been learning. Now it is time to hold myself accountable for them and apply them. The exciting journey of growth and learning continues…”

“Thank you for empowering us this morning at the WILpower session. As a new attorney, I really needed to hear the ‘permission’ piece to truly kick start my approach to my work. Your presentation really resonated with me. Hope to cross paths again sometime.”

“Thank you for an amazing presentation this morning! I feel completely energized about building my leadership brand.”

“You were Fantastic!!! Went to work with a rush of energy….. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.”

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation this year. This second time around, I feel like I was able to drill down on certain issues in much greater detail and I feel I solidified a lot of the points from last year on a deeper level. “

“It was great meeting you yesterday at the opening session of LWT’s WILpower program. You are an amazing speaker, and I found your presentation very motivational. Hope to see you at future events and learn more from you.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and am excited to put into action many of your suggestions.”