High Impact Communication

Great communicators excel at being powerful and engaged. How to deliver impactful, effective communications one-on-one and to large groups.

This 90 minute interactive session will explore in detail the actual behavioral criteria that make up the magical phrase: executive presence. The world’s best communicators all share the same basic behaviors. They grab you from the first sentence without performing and without thinking about their own egos. We’ll explore what they do and how one can make changes to the only skill in the world that’s not treated like an actual skill: Speaking.


<b>Speaker and Workshop Facilitator</b> <b data-redactor-tag="b">(Palo Alto, San Francisco, Seattle):

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<i>Tim Johnson, Consultant, Slomoff Consulting Group Inc.</i>

Tim Johnson finally found his calling 5 years ago after spending most of his career in outside sales and sales management with Enterprise Fleet Management. Speaking with impact and engaging listeners has been in his DNA since he was a teenager. Tim was active in theater and was delivering large scale talks at the age of 21. In 2011, Tim found his way to Speakeasy, a major player in communication training space. It was there he met his mentor, Danny Slomoff, PhD. Danny helped the original founder Speakeasy establish a west coast presence and served as member of their elite faculty.

<a href="http://www.leadingwomenintechnology.org/programs/wilpower/speakers/tim-johnson">Learn more about Tim</a>.

<b>Speaker and Workshop Facilitator (New York)</b>:<br>

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<i>Shenan Reed,  President, Digital, North America,</i> <a href="http://www.mecglobal.com/" target="_blank">MEC</a>

As President of Digital it is Shenan's job to lead MEC's digital business and be responsible for further driving the advancement of digital growth and innovation across North America. A highly respected leader in the digital space, Shenan has a strong background in integrated planning, and a genuine understanding and appreciation for how data informs the overall communications planning process. In 2014 Shenan joined MEC to help shape the future of its digital practice and create the best integrated digital offer in the business, getting MEC in a perfect place to deliver on the ambition to be its client most valued business partner.

<a href="http://www.leadingwomenintechnology.org/programs/wilpower/speakers/shenan-reed">Learn more about Shenan</a>.<br>