Negotiation for Success

Location: New York City: Pfizer, 235 E. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017

Kim Keating runs through everything you need to know about negotiation, from the essential role it plays in everyday life right to common problems faced by all negotiators. She provides you with a step-by-step guide to get you through the entire process, from research to results. At the end of the presentation, you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence to ask for what you need – and get it.

Speaker and Workshop Facilitator:

Kim Keating, Founder and Managing Director of Keating Advisors.

With over 18 years of experience, Kim serves as a trusted advisor to numerous leading industry organizations. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Kim is both a social and financial entrepreneur, growing Keating Advisors into a successful professional services firm that consults to over 80 organizations on issues regarding human resources and compensation. Click to read more about Kim.

Location: Seattle: Perkins Coie, 1201 Third Avenue Suite 4900, Seattle WA 98101

Negotiators face common challenges, whether in professional or everyday life. Hear research findings and practical tips to give you the knowledge and confidence to ask for what you need and maximize results.

Speaker and Workshop Facilitator:

Jeanette Nyden, Commercial Contracting Coach, Sound Partnership Strategies, Inc.

Jeanette empowers sales, purchasing, and contracting professionals to maximize key customer relationships by providing tactical, customized contract negotiation coaching from the planning phase through to execution. By working with her, clients have increased scope without increasing total spend, introduced much needed innovation and repaired a “combative” relationship prior to contract renewal. Click to read more on Jeannette.


Speakers and Workshop Facilitators (Bay Area):

Sue Bunnell, SVP and Senior Company Counsel, Third Party Provider Regulatory/Transactional, Wells Fargo; Leading Women in Technology Board member

Sue has almost 25 years’ negotiating experience with counterparties of all types, sizes, and complexity. Sue believes taking the time to truly understand the other party’s motivations and concerns makes finding a successful negotiation strategy both faster and easier. Sue is facilitating this important WILpower session using the time-tested materials of longtime WILpower speaker Kim Keating. Click to read more on Sue.