Sue Bunnell

Why Sue got involved with LWT?

I participated in WILpower in 2014 because I needed a new approach to guide me to greater success at work that would teach and then empower me to set and achieve my goals. What I found in WILpower was a diverse and supportive community where I could do all that, plus receive encouragement to be brave and stretch. Along this WILpower journey I’ve given help, taken help, and connected many others for help – it’s this community aspect of WILpower that’s so inspiring.

What is one message would you give the current participants to do to help themselves?

I come from a tech/commercial transactions legal background, but the content and skills I learned though WILpower are industry and role agnostic – it’s just powerful lessons for all kinds of women on how to be more impactful, aligned, and effective professionals.

You have volunteered for a long time. How has this program helped you?

I volunteered in 2015 because it kept me close to the community and the great speakers and content. That year of service motivated me to say yes when asked to join the Board in 2016. Now in 2017 I’ll be leading LWT’s flagship professional development program WILpower. It’s a *lot* of work, but truly a labor of love for me because inspiring WILpower women and helping them be more effective, enlightened, powerful versions of themselves keeps me motivated to keep growing as well.

What stands out to you when the participants finish the program at the end of the year?

Their pride in what they have learned and how the year has changed them, and their desire to keep learning, and to pay it forward and spread the good news that we can do better. Love it!