Here’s what alumnae have to say about WILpower!

“At WILpower I learned the power of data. I also learned the importance of speaking up about my accomplishments and asking for what I want. Armed with knowledge and inspired by the many women who candidly shared their stories, challenges and successes, I asked for the raise I wanted and got it! Today I am thriving in my career and happy as can be!” - Jenny Ma, Sr. Director/Forensic and Litigation Consulting, FTI

“The WILpower program not only taught useful skills, but also gave me the opportunity to meet and connect with an amazing group of women!“

“Participating in WILpower was been and continues to be a great experience for meit is truly affirming to have a meaningful dialogue with so many professional women.”

“Equipped with the frameworks and inspiration from the WILpower program, I am making a pivot to work as an adviser/consultant with several early stage start-ups. WILpower has played a critical role in giving me the confidence and tools to pursue this exciting adventure! I am very grateful for this program. It has been so valuable and empowering in immeasurable ways.”

“At WILpower, I learned how to network effectively—and even how to enjoy networking! As a result, I have developed (and continue to develop) a network of colleagues whom I both like and trust. This network has proven again and again to be an invaluable professional asset for advancing my career as well as for assisting my friends and colleagues.”