Email To Enroll Management Support To Pay For WILpower

Here is an email template that some of our participants have used with their managers with success. Don’t hesitate to leverage and tweak it to your needs.


[Insert greeting - “Hi Boss”]

As you probably already know, I’m always looking for ways to improve myself both personally and professionally. An interesting opportunity to do so has crossed my path. The opportunity is a year-long program developed by an organization called Leading Women in Technology. Its WILpower program is designed for women that support technology and focuses on their business and leadership skills.

I’m telling you this because I’m very interested in participating and as a member of your team, would love your support both as I go through the program, and also to find out if there’s an opportunity for [company name] to continue its investment in me by picking up the expense for the program.

I’m sure your next questions are - what will this take? How much does this cost?

For my time: the program is scheduled early on Friday mornings before normal office hours once a month (with no sessions in January, August, and December). This means there shouldn’t be an impact to my availability. [edit as needed]

For your time: I’d like to keep you briefed on the materials in the program and how it aligns with my development plan. I anticipate this should take no more than 20-30 minutes on a monthly basis.

Cost: The program fee for the year is $[fill up the appropriate amount based on your case].

Can we grab 5 minutes to discuss? The program registration due date is [the end of this week – edit as needed] and I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.


[Insert name, etc]