New York WILpower Program 2017: Schedule


Past Workshops

Welcome to WILpower & Networking: Get an overview of the 2017 WILpower program, learn about WILpower Rings, meet your fellow participants and get introduced to some networking skills as we kick off another fabulous year of WILpower!

Plan to be Amazing!™ – Building Your Leadership Brand: Experience a seismic shift in the way you think about yourself and your ability to lead during this energizing, insightful, and interactive session.

You are the Product: Talking about yourself in compelling terms is hard. It is, however, critical. Learn how to speak about yourself in various situations from networking to social tools.

Projecting Credibility and Confidence: Credibility. Leadership presence. Personal power. We know these qualities when we see them, but what are the cues that lead us to these impressions?

Sustainable Success: How to “lean in” without burning out.

Negotiate for Success: Negotiators face common challenges, whether in professional or everyday life. Hear research findings and practical tips to give you the knowledge and confidence to ask for what you need and maximize results.