Sustainable Success: Quieting your Inner Critic and Activating your Inner Coach

Driven and ambitious women are feeling increasingly overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out, and it’s not sustainable. We all have an internal dialogue and near constant chatter that goes on inside our minds. For many of us, this voice inside our heads is critical and demanding, leaving us feeling depleted and as though we’re never good enough. However, research shows this critical voice can be tamed and there’s a deep wisdom within each of us that can be accessed when we’re mindful.

This session will focus on using mindfulness as a tool for noticing the inner judge and then consciously shifting its dialogue to be more compassionate and supportive. While many of us have a belief that we “need” this inner critical voice to push us to be successful, research shows the opposite is true. Cultivating a strong inner coach actually strengthens willpower and allows us to take greater risks in pursuit of our goals. You will walk away from this session a better understanding of the origins of your inner critic, and a deeper connection with your inner coach, as well as tools to shift from critic to coach on demand. Not to mention a confidence boost!


Speaker and Workshop Facilitator (Bay Area):

Lisa Abramson, Co-founder, Mindfulness Based Achievement (MBA)

Lisa is an executive coach, speaker, entrepreneur and co-founder of Mindfulness Based Achievement (MBA) who has dedicated her life to inspiring women to achieve success in an entirely new way. Her corporate and individual programs teach high achieving women how to “Lean In” without burning out. Her MBA curriculum has been taught to hundreds of women, as well as at Google, Cisco, The Stanford Graduate School of Business, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Salesforce, Goldman Sachs, Bain & Co. and many others.

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Speaker and Workshop Facilitator (New York):

Patty Staco, Founder, Unleash Your Bold

Patty is a skilled transformational coach and empowerment expert passionate about creating confident and self-aware leaders in business and in life. Having started her career in law at IBM and thereafter holding in-house positions at two start-ups, Patty decided to become a “counselor” of a different sort.

Recognized for her ability to create open lines of communication that foster an environment of inclusion and sharing, Patty observed some key distinctions between those who succeeded and those who struggled… a knowledge of self. Sparked by the life-changing power of her own transformation she embarked on a quest to empower those around her. Patty founded Unleash Your Bold, her personal transformation coaching practice. Empowering women is Patty’s passion turned into purpose.

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Speaker and Workshop Facilitator (Seattle):

Carolyne Simi, Founder and CEO, Create Your Encore

Carolyne is a Career Transformation Specialist who coaches and guides those who are no longer happy with their career and are unsure of their next step. She helps them transform their career and then move into that change.

Satisfied clients rave about the powerful impact Carolyne has with her ability to help them gain clarity about the career they really want and to discover the essential building blocks for creating that lifestyle. They learn how to honor their passions, values, skills, talents and gifts and harness that power to design and create a career that brings them fulfillment, meaning and joy.

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